The Prescience Of The Present

The path time has taken is ultimately the path existence has chosen as its own-way forward: the “choices” of its own unfolding time-line. As it is the one and only way forward, it is sacred and fact — this is the path time has taken.

This path is made from a seemingly-infinite amount of moving parts and mechanisms; all making their own choices (whether consciously or instinctual).

As human beings with conscious awareness, our minds easily question which direction our dreams, desires and internal truths take us. Irregardless the vast nature of existence and the passage of time throughout, each individual and every individual choice play impacting roles in time’s overall procession.

Time becomes a concrete formation of a series of directional choices. While the future is unknown, the past is cast in stone. This process occurs during the present and one’s present is a omnidirectional-sphere of choice and possibility. However, in the present, we are always in the midst of a cemented decision becoming the past in real-time.

Aforementioned and common knowledge: the future is a question. However, the choices, instincts and feelings which lead to whatever the future manifests into — these are very possible to embrace and align with.

For us day-to-day, this translates into an appreciation for the true quality of every moment. This appreciation creates a vision for the true scope of our present reality. Now, with lucidity, we are tuned into what is really around us and the true range of futures which exist in every instance.

Upon this achievement, one transcends passenger-like behavior to become the creator and curator of their vision: in the process, they become truly aligned with the present moment (which is far grander than the individual). When the future happens, one processes it as a continuation of their ever-present vibration rather than any sort of obstruction; Waves become something to ride rather than flee. Part of this is because there is an obtained-understanding for why the path of time forms how it does, regardless direction.

It is quite a contrast when obtaining an embraced empathy of the present moment ultimately tunes one into the frequency of existence: feeling those feelings which drive the macro-collective-future; feeling a sense of direction for WHY the present is headed rather than WHERE the present is headed. Whether on a path in the woods or through the window of the present-moment, a sense-of-direction allows the same prescience.

Even beyond technical feats of conscious awareness, the most beautiful and lovely aspect of all-this is how time is a truth. The past is etched in stone and our futures arrive in the form of a very-real present moment. Embracing this present to-a-point of embracing every possibility the future may bring is filled with genuine love and harmony. In aligning with the truth of the present moment, we are aligning with truth as a concept. We are becoming one-with that which is real and in-front-of-us: this epiphany in-truth is an alignment to a higher power.