Cyclical Taste

This song just hit me — prior to this moment, I thought it was too similar to other songs and too repetitive.  When I was listening closer, I heard this really intense self-harmonizing in the chorus I hadn’t noticed before.  It’s so obvious, but I think I was too cynical to hear it.

It’s another instance of a negative opinion (of a song — this song) having nothing to do with the actual quality of the song. I’m not saying this happens all the time, but the fact that it CAN happen (music growing on you) has driven me to a place where I feel weird hating/being negative towards music. I might really dig this in five years, or this might’ve been important to me ten years ago — how can I disrespect that very real experience? What if others haven’t heard it yet and I’m already dismissing it?

Our opinions may seem irrelevant, but collectively they influence what actually gets heard. Everything’s a wave and you can choose which waves you’d like to embrace. Which ones are you going to ride on, and are you going to acknowledge the fact that you’re in this bizarre world of waves and it’s easy enough to see how much fun other people are having on other waves?

Is their fun not genuine? Does this not imply that, if given the chance, the wave they are riding has merit?

If one can overlook music, then does that mean some music resonates ‘deeper’ than others? If so, does that mean some music requires ‘more attention’? I put that in quotes because I think whatever it is that prevents people from enjoying something, embracing something, and then enjoying something else — it’s a very conscious thing. You really can choose what you’d like to embrace. The complicated part is that you also seem to have phases where a particular style or sound is PRIME. It’s like, SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO THIS, NOW, AT THIS MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE, you will find that it’s easier to ‘understand’ / ‘pay attention to’.

I’m just trying to verbalize the weird process which is desire, specifically musical desire — its three-part formula of what is natural to you, what is immediately desired and the quality of what’s presented. All three of these aspects can exist in different degrees. For instance, if the quality is so overwhelmingly, universally-amazing(/’potent’), it may not matter that you’re cynical, or that you don’t like the lyrics.

Just as such, if you desire to get into First-Wave Punk Rock, you’re going to likely find yourself listening to that very music. You WANT to listen to X, and when X actually happens, it’s a reminder: You’re in control. Not only that, if X is good, then you know you’re in control AND you’re doing a pretty good job picking the soundtrack.

You can force yourself to like something, and after awhile, you’ll forget your initial intentions. It’s not so much deceiving yourself as it is trying to keep an open-mind, letting all that’s good stick and ignoring all that does not.

The fact that one could ‘increase’ the quality aspect of this formula by simply being a good musician, and that one could ‘increase’ (or decrease) how much ‘attention’ they pay to something, suggests that the third aspect of this formula may also be modified.

How would you increase the likelihood of something being natural? It seems to be largely out-of-control — dependent on your personal background and lifestyle, up to that point. You can change your life, and perhaps, this will change what is natural in your new life — but it’s a gradual process. If this value of non-naturalness is so high, it will not matter if you’re listening to the Magical Mystery Tour LP — even if you’re listening to every detail —  it’s too far-removed from your natural environment.  The “value of what’s natural” supersedes the fact that it’s “good music” or that you’re paying really close attention.

My theory is that “what’s natural” follows a cyclical path of genres and styles, which elevates in perspective after each cycle. Each path is individualized to every person, but I believe that after enough cycles, you are able to perceive the highest wave of music: which, coincidentally, is what the zeitgeist is jamming to. I theorize that while all the cycles start out from different places, the end-result is the same; if you follow it long enough, you’re able to appreciate just about anything (especially that which is most universally appreciated).

This makes sense, because not only are you naturally-inclined, thanks to your crazy-ass cyclical path of multicultural music, but the music itself is at least average quality. If certain aspects of the formula overwhelm others, then so long as the music is passable, GENUINE inspiration should be possible – one should be able to desire ANY kind of music.

I theorize that if you knew the context of sub-par bedroom music, you might be able to enjoy it, but such a universal knowledge of context is unrealistic, and thus, there’s going to be music impossible to empathize with.  Other people DO empathize with this music, even if those “other people” are just the band themselves.

Music only appreciated by one person still conveys a valid, specific perspective. This perspective fits snugly into the cyclical path of taste and desire. The experience of desire-fulfilled is a tangible experience, possible for anyone to undergo –  music itself can be the trigger. You cannot invalidate this perspective: to say something is horrible can ultimately diminish the punch of that trigger. Self-aware or not, negativity in matters of subjectivity can only reduce the chances of someone having their own subjective desire, fulfilled.

This can be used as a weapon, but I’d like to think, outside the context of itself, most music sounds amazing. I think that positivity is more potent than negativity. Negativity’s advantage is its immediacy; positivity’s advantage is its longevity/substance. In matters of experience, negativity is about the same as being too busy to really look at something. It’s not WRONG, it’s just irrelevant to those who really looked at the same thing you simply ran past.

2 thoughts on “Cyclical Taste

  1. You, are quite simply, one of the most amazingly annalytical beings I have ever crossed paths with. And I am overjoyed to have the pleasure of this happening. I am 2 years removed from the most important relationship of my life, through no choice of my own. She left with my 2 amazing, beautiful and intelligent daughters a few years ago when she thought it was no longer working between us. It’s been a detrimental change to my life and nearly ended it self inflicted a year and a half ago. One constant positive impact through this experience and my whole life has been music. I’ve found myself quite a bit more phylisophical about music and searching for deeper meaning in music as well as life. Life is hard. Life is really hard. For most I imagine, it’s hard trying to find inspiration at times and meaning in this existence. Especially when nothing is immediately noticeable or appealing. It’s easier to fade into existence with no remnants of you ever being a part of it. There has only been a few beings that have inspired the vision of said inspiration and how to reaquire said vision and how to remain confident that said vision will always be there. And you, my friend, and I say that quite literally, are one of those beings. One who is extremely important is everyone’s day to day existence. And probably one of the very reasons why we are even still in existence. One of those beings is the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The deity who taught me how to be more self realized. Through Transcendental Meditation. Another one, believe it or not is Howard Stern. A man who is more self aware and thoughtful, caring and honest than any other being I have ever had the honor of hearing with my own 2 ears. The longevity of his overwhelmingly honest and nurturing care, is unbelievable and definitely worth noting. His impact on my life is indescribable. Another, of course is my mother. But I’m sure most of us enjoy this influence. Enough said. At an extremely close 4th is you. You have a quite profound view on life and music and in the simplest of explanations is influential and inspirational. It is admirable. I would like to thank you from the deepest hallways of libraries of books on these shelves in my heart. I will ALWAYS remember your writings and they will continue to influence and shape my views and my life forever. It is beings such as yourself, that will always continue to make this existence a positive one and one worth living and experiencing. Thank you for taking the time to contribute this positive impact. I can only hope it will reach more and more beings to shape this planet into the most enjoyable space I know it can and will be. My hat is off to you. And I salute you.

    • It is an honor to have these thoughts understood and appreciated — to have them incorporated into your life is another level altogether. The pleasure is truly mine, but there is a genuine ~euphoria~ knowing how this influenced you. I wish you all the best with your life and the experiences you’re having within it — I myself have been through a lot, but have thankfully and luckily come out even stronger! Keep your head up!! 🙂

      I would like to emphasize how amazing, lucky and surreal it is to have people let me know they like what I’ve written. I've always felt like an outlier. It's healing to me in many ways. Lol "People all over the world / start a love train / love train" XD XD I don't know why that popped in my head!! Haha!! ❤ Salute!!

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