“Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil”

“Money” is an illusionary concept. As wealth accumulates, it is only inevitable that one will begin to mentally prioritize this illusion above all else. Materialism can create a heaven on earth, sure, but only upon the surface — past the novelty, money is lifeless and by itself cannot create or seriously maintain any emotion – let alone happiness. Enjoyment from life stems from one’s mindset, and when this mindset is shaken from illusion, it creates behaviors which many would refer to as “evil”. The statement could perhaps be rephrased, “Money is illusionary, and man’s repeated tendency to attach himself to this illusion fuels the evil of this world.”

(It is possible to have a large sum of money while still maintaining one’s core principles/self/character, but after a certain point your entire world becomes that of an illusion. Fame, success, connections and praise can be experienced in varying degrees, whether through a thankful smile or outright Beatlemania. Money is certainly a temptation, and thus the root of illusionary indulgence — but the individual is the resistance.)

2 thoughts on ““Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil”

  1. This is very true. And I would venture to say Fear is the root of Love of Money. Money only acts as security on a physical realm – the same realm where insecurities run rampant. I think it’s very difficult to redistribute where one places one’s source of security away from money.

  2. I think that the problem isn’t about money – what money represents can be good or bad. Money can represent a successful agreement between people – cooperation, teamwork. People specializing at different tasks and then sharing the “fruit of their labor”. The problem is, money can be used to share fruit gained by way of “good” labor as well as “bad” labor. Doctors as well as drug lords may use money. When a person seeks money, it is not bad and it doesn’t mean they seek to mask unhappiness. It means they want to work and earn the good things that come to them. HOPEFULLY, they seek to earn this via “good” labor.

    Most wonderful of all, it doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are. If you want to spend your time earning money, you can do it, no matter what you do or do not already have. This is because life gives people opportunities to do what they want – to pursue what interests them. xD

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